Friday, November 06, 2020

I Am The Air Pump Wizard

Figured I may go ride tomorrow. Sunny, 50 to. 70 all day, a 'Polar Bear Club' meet up in Marshall, MO. So, check the air. No go. Low 9.5 pounds in the rear. Low 16 pounds in the front. Low  Sure, I've got an electric pump and could air it up in moments. But it's 11pm and that thing is loud.

But, my near 30 year old BETO pump is silent. And I know the pump to PSI ratio. 40 pumps for the rear. 55 for the front.

Completed the job, no extra pumps, or air bleeding, matched both front and rear tire to the recommended 42.5 PSI for high speed distance riding. First time. No complaints here. 
Until tomorrow, 

Will England 

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Will England said...

I believe I bought the BETO air pump with my OG Gary Fischer in 1994 (?) in Wichita at the bike store on the NE side of town (at the time). I could most likely find the receipt and name of the store, but I've not got the umph. Amazed a bike pump has outlasted all my motorcycles, dozens of foot pumps (bought for cub scouts to launch water rockets), and such. Well spent C-note.