Sunday, September 11, 2022

You think you know what you’ll do…

 You think you know what your’ll do when something happens - but then then reality hits. You get down because life has changed to the point that you don’t see a point. Years ago, you had figured when life wasn’t making sense, you’d take that time and go ride the motorcycles until you had a new head of memories and life to look at; a new foundation to work from as you build the next few years of life. 

But, when time comes to pass, and life fails to have a point, you find that the dullness is within you. You have become dull, lumpy, weak.  Just jumping up and going on a tear around the country is beyond you. Turns out, the journey you must undertake is to rebuild yourself before you can do anything to get beyond the pointlessness. So, beyond pointless, you find you are below water in simple ability to do anything about the pointlessness. And you have 6 months, or a year, or 3 years worth of work ahead of you rebuilding your body and rebuilding your mind to reach a place where you can adventure again. 

Oh, but any journey starts with a single step, right?  Why sure it does, but that same step can also take me to a gaming computer where I can escape from the pointlessness for hours on end, or to a TV bigger than some movie house screens and lose a half a day in edutainment or fantasy movies. 

Beyond taking a first step, you have to take the right first step. Every day.  Several times a day.  Step away from the computer and go work out, even if it’s just carrying sticks and cutting the lawn. Or painting the house.  Or cleaning the garage so you can find the parts and gear to adventure with. 

Taking the right step is hard.

Taking the right step is scary. 

But a decision must be made. 

That is my story now.