Friday, April 13, 2018

Tour of Honor 2018 - Iowa

As of 13-April, all three trophies are still open for Iowa.  Nice day (and a half?) ride to vacuum them up if the weather would cooperate.

2018 Tour of Honor In-State SS1K

Tour of Honor Ride Plan for Kansas 2018:

Never did get out and ride this one.   But you can still read the trip report for this Extreme in-state Saddlesore 1000 on my Honda CBR250 from 2013!


Monday, April 09, 2018

First College Visit for Alec

Took Alec to K-State today for his first real college visit. My, how time files. I still remember picking him up from Canterbury preschool and hustling to Cub Scout meetings or the Karate dojo.

Now we're at K-State. Alec got nervous the second he stepped out of the Honda. After a bit of a wander we found our group. I got some good notes and poked them into Google Keep to share with him. He shot photos of the key slides and contacts.

Per the previous blog post, I will have to have a sit down and catch up with him on the big three Questions from the session. Campout coming up at the end of the month; should be a good time...

Toured the architecture and Design center - all brand new, 20,000 square feet of workshop space from lathes to laser engraving; from table saws to 3D printers. I was geeked especially compared to the dusty garage at KU.  Alec was just overwhelmed.

Toured the wrong dorm complex - all suites, felt like a nursing home from the first step. Nope. Aiming to find a better solution for him - with the anticipated 78 hours a week for class and project work, plus 6 hours (and all day on game day) for marching band, he's going to have to live in the dorms all 5 years. No way to have time to shop, clean, cook and run a 100 hour a week schedule.

But, for his 4th year he can head to Milan, Prague or London among other destination design centers for an international experience in architecture and design. Brilliant!

Great campus with a real quad, excellent library and superb support staff. Very friendly and welcoming from all of the students. Very comfortable sending him there.

- will england

Three Questions

What is your interest / passion / what do like to do?

What are you good at? Are you willing to become great? Significant at it? What are you willing to do to get better at? 

What do you value? What is non-negotiable to you? 

These were the things that were brought up during the Junior tour day at K-State by the Vice President of Admissions.