Thursday, February 10, 2011

ATT Data Rates for 4G LTE

Was just reading from TiPB about proposed AT&T data rates for their upcoming 4G LTE service. It runs from 5MB/sec to peaks of 12MB/sec. They're offering two tiers - 200MB and 2GB of data. How's that add up?

Go ahead and get the 2GB plan -- it's good for almost an hour at normal speeds (only 22 minutes if you get the max speed). Overages will only cost you $1.10 a minute.

Want to 'save' some money? Their lowest plan ($15 a month) at 200MB will last you 5 minutes and 33 seconds at 'average' speeds (5MB). Just 2 minutes and 13 seconds at peak speed. Overages would range from $2.81 to $6.75 per minute of use. Classic! Just like the good old days of Ma Bell Long Distance rates.

Keep in mind - those are *monthly* plans - you get to use your LTE from ATT for anywhere from 2 minutes a month to almost a whole hour a month before they charge you extra. Isn't that nice?

Monday, February 07, 2011

Mo Bloggin

Wow, native blogging software on the HTC Evo. Nice. Is Blogger becoming relevant again?

Even offers in post photo adding: