Monday, August 31, 2015

Updates to Will England - the Homepage

After five more years of neglect, I updated my personal web page for Will England by adding a 'viewport' for a 'responsive design' mobile friendlyness.  Why?  Well, I've dropped nearly below the fold on Google and I'm not on the home page of Bing for a name search.

And, I had a nice meeting today with Chris from iCrossing and the Kent, the SEO expert at Sprint today who mentioned again, that they use my home page as an example of SEO done right.  But I failed them.  :-)  Thanks again for the tips (and the BBQ, Chris!)

So, sometime in 2020, I should plan my next web page update!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day off

It's nice to get a day off once in awhile. We took the whole family to church. Later we caught up on laundry, paid bills, and had an early dinner before the wife and daughter took off for softball practice.

This weekend was supposed to be a full weekend Boy Scout camp out, but we ended up going to Schlitterbahn water park for just the day. That was definitely a good idea, because everyone was exhausted and burned by the end of the day and camping after that would have been well, painful.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Google Photos Unlimited Storage, At Reduced Quality

SO, I was curious how 'reduced' the quality was going to be on the Google Photos Unlimited Storage offer.  They claim anything up to 16 megapixels is essentially unchanged.

So I posted a photo to the unlimited storage, compared it to an iPhoto export and to the original JPEG.

Google reduced the file size to 1.1 megabytes.
iPhoto Export reduced the file size to 2.2 megabytes.
The original photo was 4.4 megabytes.

All photos remained 16 megapixels in size at 72dpi.

But how does it look at 100% crop?

See for yourself - which image is original, and which came from Googles' compression?

I'm satisfied.

(spoiler: Left is Google, Center is original, right is iPhoto export)

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

It's raining

Seems to be raining this Fourth day of August.

My First Visit to Bartle

Back in April of 2009, I rode the Ducati out on some Missouri back roads and found a little town at the intersection of C, U and ZZ roads.  Just past there was a scout ranch.  It was early season and I figured they were closed - but I went a bit down the road and shot a photo of the Duc at the visitors center parking lot:

A Good Day for a Ride

Bartle Summer Camp 2015

Not been blogging much - not sure what to write anymore.  I got busy.  That's it - I got busy doing summer and camp things.  So I'll write about what I was busy with.

This summer was my fourth year back to the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation - and Alec's fourth year.  Through hard work and a good scouting attitude (at least at Scouts) he was chosen to join the tribe of Mic O Say - the honor camping program at Bartle!  (Alec is on the left)

I wasn't even sure about camp this year - I'd just completed a week as Daycamp Director; Nikki had been out for 3 weeks at the Bahamas and Powederhorn training class and I was feeling a bit fragile.  And Nikki had signed me up for the Outdoor Leader / Assistant Scoutmaster classes while I was at camp.  So I had to pack for Hunter, Alec, and two sets of gear for me - one for in camp, and another for the 36 hour outdoor skills class.

To top it off I'd dropped tobacco cigarettes on July 1, switching to electronic vaporizers, so I had more stuff to concern myself with.

Packing was a cluster fuck to say the least, just jamming random crap in the bag and leaving the garage a bloody mess.  3 weeks back from camp and I still haven't put that back together.  Sleeping was optional at camp; hot and damp to begin with and I decided to go cold turkey from the prescription and liquid relaxation devices for the week of camp.  First few nights were spent awake, listening to the wild life.  Then up at 5:30 to get coffee and clean up trash that the raccoons had scattered.

But all turned out well - the OLS class was excellent, with superior leadership from Dave Allen, Chieftan in the Tribe and Nick Badgerow, the train-the-trainer wizard from the council.  He's also a hard core backpacking guy so I was able to pick his brains for tips and ideas for the upcoming Yellowstone trek.

The other students in the class were almost all first year parents.  I volunteered as patrol leader, and the other class members taught me something important - as a leader, it's not my job to do all the work, but to simply ensure it gets done.  Delegate, supervise and contribute only where needed.  They were offended when I tried to help - it implied to them that I didn't think they were able to get the job done on their own!  Excellent lesson in leadership.

After getting through OLS, I seem to have begun to relax and slept more at night.  Alec survived his two nights in the woods contemplating his obligations and completed his brave ceremony successfully. I even had some quiet time and made a new friend or two!

A good year at H. Roe Bartle.  I will be back next year as Assistant Camp Master.

Photos Test

A geek in a cube.

Same geek.  Same mirror.  Different cube.  10 years later.  Inspired by this post of October 2005.