Friday, November 27, 2020

Motorcycle Reading - blogs and such

 Getting cold in River City; already snowed in North of us.  So, here's some long distance and other interesting blogs and posts to read, in no particular order, cribbed from the Long Distance Rider Facebook Group. You can also check out my historical ride reports; historical as I haven't ridden much in the last oh, 10 years or so. Lazy mostly.

 And many more.

Even some random posts, tours, photos (may be missing images) from 20 years ago:

Enjoy the reading = hope it inspires you to Go Ride in 2021!


- Will England


Monday, November 23, 2020

Back In Business - T-Mobile Product Ambassadors!

 For years - 14 of them to be specific - I've been a Product Ambassador for Sprint; that means I get to check out new, cool and interesting devices and share about the features, functions and fun you can have with them!

Now T-Mobile has the same program!  I'll be posting regularly on the T-Mobile Product Ambassadors forum, starting with the Google Pixel 4a 5G!



Will England




(I work for them, I do not speak for them, nor was I compensated for any content generated)


Monday, November 09, 2020

Last Year - Gobblepalooza

 Amazon Photos just autocreated this nice collage from the photos I took last November at the Troop 387 Gobblepalooza campout.  We gather every year to cook all day and invite our friends, family, former scouters and leaders and parents to join around our fire of friendship and warmth for fellowship and thanksgiving.

I was impressed the software caught the exact tone of the day- from cooking to family to smiles and fellowship around the campfire. 

Seeing this warmed my heart just a bit in this season of our discontent.


Will England

Monday. Clouds. Video of Clouds

 Monday. November 9th, 2020.  Up on time for work. Good. Morning presentation to the local team, manager and director went far better than expected.  Good. Kids off to work.  Good.  Daughter got the Honda she drives an oil change all by herself.  Good.  McCarthy Honda didn't try to overcharge or mess with her, just did the work requested.  Very good.

Son made it to work with time to spare.  Good.  Needed some meds left at home.  Less good, but I get to dump out early and take an evening roadtrip.  Good.  Amazing clouds on the drive home.  Shot a brief video from the cell phone in the  new car mount:

Ambient sound from the open window. A nice drive.  Click through and watch on YouTube; it's in 4K. Looks reasonably good. Like and Subscribe while you're there.

Today, it has been a good day.

Tonight, Zoom call into the Scout meeting. 

Tomorrow, all-day training. Followed by 3 more days of all-day training.  Fun.


Will England

Saturday, November 07, 2020

The better part of Valour, is Discretion

 From Falstaff, Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I, Act 5, Scene 3.

Today I awoke with a tension headache. And a sinus headache. And no sunglasses to be found. And realized, a 4 to 5 hour, 250 mile motorcycle ride, the first half directly into the sun, would be less than ideal. Particularly given that I have ridden perhaps 250 total miles in the last 2 years. Not a recipie for heath, wealth or wisdom.  Perhaps wisdom, as if I did go ride that far, with this little prep, I'd damn sure know not to do that again.  But - I have done stupider things, and learned from them, so perhaps I have gained some wisdom over the years. 


The company of Henry IV Part I, directed by Gregory Doran in 2014  
Henry IV, via Royal Shakespeare Company (1)

 So, plans have changed.  Enjoy the sun in the local area.  Help mom out getting her garden closed down for winter. Clean up some weeds and see if my new chipper-shredder works. And go ride.  But locally.  Take the Ducati out for a bit, top off the tank with no-ethanol gas and Sta-Bil. Take the Yamaha out for a bit longer (bigger tank), top off the tank with no-ethanol gas.  Perhaps half a can of SeaFoam on general principle. 

Oh, and the damn Nissan Pickup still needs a battery.  So that should be on the 'get-r-done' list.  (added).

Once that's running, find the pre-cut spacer boards and run it up to the hardware store for an eighth of a ton of sandbags over the axles for winter running.  Found a quarter ton (last year) was quite overkill. 

All of which involve moving, activity, outside, and sunshine.  Sounds like a win to me, even if I don't get to meet up with the 'Polar Bear Club' and start my winter riding season. 


Will England

(1) n.d. Famous Quotes | Henry IV Part I | Royal Shakespeare Company. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 7 November 2020].

Friday, November 06, 2020

I Am The Air Pump Wizard

Figured I may go ride tomorrow. Sunny, 50 to. 70 all day, a 'Polar Bear Club' meet up in Marshall, MO. So, check the air. No go. Low 9.5 pounds in the rear. Low 16 pounds in the front. Low  Sure, I've got an electric pump and could air it up in moments. But it's 11pm and that thing is loud.

But, my near 30 year old BETO pump is silent. And I know the pump to PSI ratio. 40 pumps for the rear. 55 for the front.

Completed the job, no extra pumps, or air bleeding, matched both front and rear tire to the recommended 42.5 PSI for high speed distance riding. First time. No complaints here. 
Until tomorrow, 

Will England 

Subaru Harman Kardon Sound System

Well, it's not a calibrated sound level meter, but at 100% volume (no distortion) on Crystal Method, we can almost hit 100dB. Good enough for now. 

Thursday, November 05, 2020

well, that's been a day.

Trying out the mobile app again. Seems much better. A good thing, and one I am thankful for.

Other than that, well, today certainly was a day. 

Tonight - sit. Watch Forged in Fire off the DVR. It's a 4-hour special, so that's cool! Hopefully all is well with you in your space.


Will England 

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Meta - need to fix Google Tags here

 Google did something weird last month and warned me they were going to do it. I never looked at it, and now I'm getting warnings that they did something weird and it's not playing well with the blog.  Should look at that soon. 

- Will England