Friday, October 30, 2009

Web sales comparison

Saw an interesting ad on a blog for some kind of gore-tex cordura suit. Coudn't tell if it was a new motorcycle suit or what. Turns out it's a mountaineering suit from North Face. A full $1,000. And what do they offer you on their site to buy it? Two columns of (tm) and (c) laden buzzwords and a fancy flash rollover thing. That's it. I'm going to drop a grand on a suit knowing nothing about it. Fail.

Side note - the advertisement for the suit didn't even take me to the suit; dropped me to the wrong product category overlay page. Fail 2. Had to toggle between windows and search for the damn thing in their hidden search field.

Interesting contrast by another company that makes a Gore-Tex lined cordura suit - for $200 less.

A full fuckoff full afternoon of reading on that page if you include the links, customer reviews and time fiddling with the sizing and options available. You get to know that suit. You own that suit while you're reading about it. You become invested in it. You dream about it. It's part of you after you read that page.

That's what it's supposed to be about.

Not marketing bulletpoints(tm)(reg)(c).