Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Shooting at the Super Bowl Victory Parade

Not the day we expected. 61, sunny, Kansas City Chiefs celebration of their Super Bowl win with a parade and a million fans.

As it ended, shots rang out from one or more groups. Near 2 dozen injuries, one fatal. Some of the shooters may have been stopped by visiting fans from Wichita and Nebraska.

News is disjointed - the internet turns all stories into an echo chamber, regurgitating hours old data as breaking news. 

Many of the wounded were children. All of the children are stable and should physically recover soon. At least one adult is in critical condition. 

Three suspects were taken into custody. Nothing is known for the motives or even if there was one, two or even a third shooting this afternoon. We simply wait for the police to sort out the connections, while we are beaten with politics blaming the race, blaming the gun, blaming the political party running Kansas City, MO. 

So, we wait.