Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Scouting for Scouts

Last week was filled with public speaking engagements. I was scheduled to speak at 3 school night for scouting events. This is where we get up in front of brand new parents and brand new kids who've never heard of scouting or might have a little bit of Scouting background. We explained to them about the Cub Scout program, encourage them to sign their children up for Cub Scouting and even more, encourage them to sign up as a leaders to help their kids excel in the program.

I never really felt that I was "on"  at any of the presentations. I did my best. I explained scouting.  I explained my passion. But I never really felt on. We still had a hundred percent of the parents present sign their kids up for scouting. 15 new scouts were recruited through my efforts. It was a stressful week and I'm not quite sure why I didn't deliver what I feel is my best.

For some reason, I felt restrained or constrained and didn't really rock out. Well anyway this was my first year doing school night for scouting presentation. Perhaps next year I'll do a little bit better.

I've always wanted the chance to do public speaking presentation and public sales like this. I like it, it makes me feel good, although it does take a ton of energy. Having an introvert get up in front of 20, 30, 40 people is really something different. But I like that Rockstar feeling. Maybe I'm a closet rockstar, just like I'm a  closet Type A personality. :-)