Monday, June 06, 2011

Weather Check!

Rolling out next week for a nice little ride. Weather check - at least I'll get out of the Kansas Hot!

Chamberlain, SD - 75 and wet
Spearfish, SD - 65 and wet
Red Lodge, MT -50's and wet
Moscow, ID - 60's and wet
Nelson, BC - 70's and wet
Glacier NP - 60's and wet in the valley, 50's and wet up top.

 At least it'll stay above freezing . . .  Seriously glad I'm not camping this trip!

(update 13-June, departing day after tomorrow: No Change. Still Wet.  Sigh.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What am I doing lately...

Boss wanted a list of what I'm doing these days...
Assorted Roles, Responsibilities

E20 Internal Social Media – Provide VP level consultation, implementation and training for Internal social media efforts on Jive and Sharepoint
Community Technology – Define, drive execution strategy for platform upgrades
Community  Strategy – Contribute and collaborate with team on Community strategy for customer facing site
Community Execution – build custom community layouts, assist team with technical implementation of widgets, layouts
Community Reporting – Execute custom SQL reports for variety of requests
Community Network Space Owner – read, review, respond to network concerns by customers; work with Sprint Network team to identify pain points and deliver communication to customers.
NO&W Leadership Program – VP Core Team Representative for NLP program providing support to mentors and protégées, VP reporting on status, leading internal Social Media efforts for NLP program.
Google Analytics – provide consulting, metrics from Google Analytics for Community and other sites.
Google Webmaster – work with system admin team to optimize Google crawl rate, exclusions for Community and other Sprint sites.
Akamai Admin – Provide technical, implementation, contract and reporting support to IT, Marketing, teams for Akamai Edgesuite content distribution network
Search – Provide technical, implementation, best practices consultation for Google Site Search option; Inquira search of Community.
Support – Provide technical, content, layout and implementation best practices consultation for Support team.
Assorted Web Stuff -  System Admin, network admin, app admin for and supporting both and Marketing initiatives. – provide Drupal / Word press technical assistance to internal teams.