Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Scholarship Links

Mostly creating this for Robyn and Alec so I have an ongoing list of scholarships for them to apply for.  Originally created 8/24/2016.  Ideally these are non-need based scholarships for high school seniors entering their freshman year of college.  A couple are for current college students.

Also a nice tool to estimate your EFC from FAFSA before you dig into all this:

(Tip: Create a scholarship application email address; some of these are going to get you *spammed*)

Boy Scout, Eagle Scout and one Summit Scout scholarship:

Simpson Strong Tie $2,000 architecture, structural engineering and construction management scholarship:

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships (many different scholarships for women in Engineering)

Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship ($1,000) - Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Jack Cooke Kent Foundation - typically income based but worth a shot up to 95K a year.

KC Metro area 11th graders ($10,000 annual scholarship, up to $12,000 EFC eligible to apply)

Essay, 750 words, $1,500

Essay, 2500 words, $2,500

ARRL Scholarships for HAM Radio (80+, single app by Jan before college year)

Q-Switched Laser Scholarship (needs acceptance letter from college), $2,500 

Bryant Surety scholarship, up to 2000 words, $1,000 Essay (3 essays, 1,000 words each, $3,000 

SME Engineering Scholarships

Clubs of America (current college student?) 600 word essay, $1,000

Courage to Grow 250 word essay, $500 (Spam Warning)

ESA Scholarships for Kansas (various) - current college students - $1,000 essay

Hospitality Matters - 750 word essay, $500

Inverters-R-Us $1,000 500-1500 word essay

Moll Law Group 1000-1500 word essay, $1,000 (college student)

PreJax Foundation - have a parent with MS; 500 word essay; $1,000 - 1500 word essay, $1500. - 1000 word essay, $1,000 essay about CPAP , $1000

Jackson White Law Essay, 1000 words, $1000

Young Patriots Essay Contest 1,200 words, up to $5,000