Monday, December 30, 2013

Noise Graffiti

Noise graffiti,  Downtown Overland Park

Noise Graffiti , a set on Flickr.

No one knows much about the 'Noise' graffiti tag; or at least they're not talking much about it on the 'net. But the ones found here in Overland Park closely match the West Coast tags by 'Da Noise' artist. Wonder if we have some new residents here in OP?

Sennheiser HD202 Headphone Review

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Yes, it's BSW's Money Saving 5-Pack Headphone Deal! For over 10 years, BSW has made this exclusive package available to wonderful heads of all shapes and sizes. This is without a doubt the best value, best headphone for the money. And you don't get just get FIVE for $89. Wooohooo!!!! The ...

fantastic value and outstanding SQ
By wingland from Overland Park, KS on 12/30/2013

4out of 5
Pros: Good Bass, Durable, Good Value, Comfortable, Great Sound
Cons: Cord too long
Best Uses: Music, With My Computer, Home Audio
Describe Yourself: Audiophile
Primary Use: Listening to iPod
Was this a gift?: No
Normally use Grado SR-60 for critical listening and recreational listening. No more. Far more accurate, better sound quality in the bass. Very very accurate - up with the best studio and audiophile monitors. Slightly rolled off top end, just a touch less air than a multi-thousand dollar set of cans, but for the price you will not find a better set of head phones.

Very good on-the-ear fit and comfort, nice padding at the top of the band to facilitate long-term listening.

Will also be using them for audio for video mixdown and editing.