Saturday, October 12, 2019

Montage of Cat Drinking Water in Slow Motion (Oct, 2019)

Not a journal.  A video edit this morning.

RandomTheCat drinking water in Slow Motion.  Shot on the Samsung Note 10+.  Finally figured out how to use the super-slow motion setting -- you have to film something already in action - a static scene.  Trying to time and capture something like a ball flying or a catch being made -- not going to happen.  There's not enough control over the start of the super-slow-mo effect in the camera. Idea - build an app that takes an external trigger; either by USB input or straight 'click the button' and it records at max frame rate, then decompiles to 30FPS.


Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Today, October 9, 2019

Today it will rain.
Today I will not ride the Ducati to work; too many variables with wet weather, slick streets and unknown rain performance.  And I don't want to have to clean all the nooks and crannies on that bike.
Today I will take half a day off to possibly weatherize the house.  Or help Mom.  Or just chill in the rain.
Today I meet with the Scout Troop.
Today Alec made the coffee and rotated dishes before he left for school. I am thankful.
Today I will abide.
Today is enough.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Today, October 8 2019

Today, I remembered to journal.
Today, I'm pleased that I got out to the Shawnee Mission Marching Festival with Alec last night. Hopefully got some good photos and videos.
Today, I'm at work on a gorgeous day. 
Today, I shall take a nice walk.
Today, I will work with Alec to replace his reverse light bulb on his car.
Today, I need to decide if I want to get the FJR fixed or leave it parked.
Today, I drove to work.
Today, I will find and install the insulated liner on my motorcycle jacket.
Today, I will see if there's a way to chain the jacket and helmet to the Ducati.
Today, I will abide.
Today is enough.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Today. October 6, 2019

Today dawned clear and calm.
Today, I woke up with a bolt, thinking I had forgotten something.
Today, I got to go back to a warm bed, all taken care of.
Today, There may be fixin on a car, or two.
Today, There may be mowin of lawns, or two, or more.
Today, There may be shopping for lawncare stuff.
Today, There may be shopping for coconut oil to help keep SamTheDog going, shiny and healthy.
Today, There will be watching of 'How its' Made' on TV with my wife.
Today, There may be riding of a motorcycle
Today, There are many possible directions the day may go
Today, I will be here.
Today, will be enough.


Saturday, October 05, 2019

Today, October 5, 2019

Dot Blogging again. Seems to work.  Even started it in my bound book.

Today -  I am resting.
Today - It is cool and brisk out. 
Today - It may rain.
Today - I will get food from the store, personally.
Today - I will make healthy food for lunches at work.
Today - I will give my mom some of the healthy food so she has good food to eat.
Today - I will cook meet in preparation of future meals.
Today - I let Robyn drive the Honda to work on her own.
Today - I helped Amber pick out a computer
Today - I will hopefully have Robyn drive to and from school, by two different routes, and fill up the gas tank, so she may use the Honda to go to school and work.
Today - I will eat healthier. 
Today - My bread has been provided for.
Today - I will be kind
Today - I will be grateful and gracious.
Today will be enough.
I will be Today.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Today - Octoberr 4, 2019

Today - I am at work.
Today - I have a grocery delivery, and need to remember to get cash to tip the delivery driver.
Today - the trash didn't get picked up, so I had to call Waste Management.  Simple call, trash should be picked up by 6 this evening.
Today - I need to reset the table so the boys coming in this weekend have space to play computer games.
Today - it's grey and cool.  A good riding day, but I have a parking pass for the executive garage this month, which doesn't recognize motorcycles, so I drove in.
Today - I need to put gas in the Honda or Subaru to be ready for tomorrow.
Today - I will take at least one 15-minute brisk walk around the campus.
Today - I started bullet point journaling. (this here thing here).  I found it's been since June that I've written in my paper journal, even with a new fancy fountain pen.  Paper and me don't get along as well as I'd like.  I love the smell, the feel of paper.  I love finding old paper that's been hand-written - you have more context and touch with the author than phosphors (or LED's now) on a screen in a standard typeface.  But I still don't write in my bound book. Such is life.  Perhaps I'll print off all my blog posts and make a bound book with hand-written annotations to pass on to the next generation. Perhaps the next generation won't be especially impressed with what I've written, but if there's a generation after that - or someone rummaging in a dump bin - will be interested.
Today, I have written enough.
Today, will be enough.
Today, I will be.

(today - I cannot spell October.  Not changing it. My blog. My misspellings.)