Friday, February 24, 2006

Official Google Blog: History deserves the best

Google today announced their pilot program to digitize the entire video content of the National Archives and make it globally accessible for free on Google Video.

Official Google Blog: History deserves the best

The video from the Nat'l Archives

Thursday, February 16, 2006

How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier

How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier: " ...very
popular headphone amplifier that's easy to build, and it can be built
small enough to fit in a pocket, power supply and all. "

Important RFCs: Humorous RFCs

Important RFCs: Humorous RFCs

(RFC's are the documents that defined the standards of the Internet)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Coolhunter, by Mark Lewman.

The Coolhunter, by Mark Lewman.: "am paid to play
the disenfranchised against the disrespected
make the F1000 feel connected
to the cognosumers who reject them,
stuck in the cultural crosshairs."

Monday, February 13, 2006

Jobs and Networking

What is the role of networking in finding a job? It is the single most effective way to find a new job. People hire people they know. Or people who are known to them. The Internet provides tens of thousands of jobs and resumes, with no guarantee of quality or accuracy. However, your friend Steve has always been a good judge of character, and when he tells you that Joe is looking for a job and would be a good fit, you are inclined to believe him.

I found my first professional technical job by a reference of a friend. He put in a good word for me, and combined with the technical skills and my ability to learn, I got the position. Of the five companies I have worked for since, only one job came from a “want ad”. I parleyed relationships at my first job into my second and third. My fourth job led me to where I am now. At Sprint, I have used personal relationships to move into three different business areas.

Would I be able to do this without having the skills? No. Skills, aptitude and attitude are critical. But getting noticed is often the key. Having a personal relationship – through reputation, friendship or second hand knowledge – is key to getting noticed. How do you become a successful career networker? Simple. Be good to people. Help them out. Solve their problems, build a reputation as someone who will get the job done, without complaint. Make their lives easier. And remember who they are – talk to people, ask about them, remember details about them. No one is too far above or too far below you station to offer help to them. One fine example – a new hire at my third company ended up becoming a manager at my current place of employment. Five years later, he still remembers me and has a good opinion of me. If he were in a position to offer a reference or a job, I am confident he would.

Simply put, “be excellent to each other”. It pays off in the long run.

Special Circumstances: The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson

Special Circumstances: The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson: "Scott Warden is an expatriate slacker living with his family in Thailand. He has been taking a vacation from his life back in America, and also oblivious to his obligations as a parent. Everything about his life and the world changes when he is a witness to an amazing event: the violent appearance of 200-foot obelisk"

Looks like a fun book; have to check it out sometime.

Friday, February 10, 2006

San Jose Restaurant Guide

Excellent Restaurants Guide, written by Bruce Schneier, computer security expert and president of Yes, that doesn't make sense. What makes less sense is it is a review of eateries in the San Jose, California region. And the author lives in Minnesota.

But! It's a damn fine read.

Don't take my word for it - check it out.

Alaska Volcano Observatory

The Alaska Volcano Observatory has near-real time photos of the Augustine volcano eruptions in Alaska, as well as some awesome high-resolution images from the volcano.

Friday, February 03, 2006



Click and hold the red square in the game linked above.
Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks

If you make it to 18 seconds, you are doing brilliantly!

My best time so far - 26-odd seconds.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hazardous Weather Outlook

From the nat'l weather service:

They have splashed at the top of the forcast page in bold RED type, "Hazardous Weather Outlook". What a letdown.


Sprint Nextel to name spinoff Embarq | 02/01/2006 | Sprint Nextel to name spinoff Embarq: "As for the new name, Greengart said it sounded more like a global transportation company.

``It's a great name, but I don't know if it resonates as a wireline company,'' he said."

And I say it sounds like a dog. Glad I never did get a position over there. . .

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

World War II Poster Collection from Northwestern University Library

World War II Poster Collection from Northwestern University Library

Seems be be just about every poster made from 1041 to 45. Amazing. And you can order high-resolution versions suitable for reprints for a small fee.