Sunday, June 30, 2013

Will and Nikki's Devil's Tower Adventure

We just got back from a nice 7 day tour of Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming - about 1,750 miles, all on a pair of Honda CBR 250Rs.  More to follow, but here's our rough route map:

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Revised 2013 Vacation Day 3

Basing this leg off a Google Plus page for a motel!  The S and H Motel has fantastic reviews, so why not try it out.  220 miles more or less, all Z to A stops, plus a side trip to the center of the USA at Lebanon, KS!

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Revised 2013 Vacation Day 2

Abilene, KS to Colby, KS vai lots of Z-A stops.  Looks like good mexican for dinner, Motel 6 or a local joint in Colby.

265 miles, about an 8 hour day...

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Revised 2013 Vacation Day 1

Ok, Kentucky isn't in the budget.  So, a little bebop through Northern Kansas.

Day One: KC to Abilene, KS.  200-odd miles, 6 or 7 hours riding time.  Stop at a motor lodge, spend the evening poking around the museums and mansions.

Along the way:
Eudora, KS for the Z to A tour;
Topeka, KS for the Z to A tour;
Ada and Alta Vista KS for the Z to A tour;
The Atomic Cannon at Junction City for the Tour of Honor then over to Grandview Plaza for the Z to A tour.

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