Friday, August 21, 2020

Event Photography During Pandemic!


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I wrote up a blog on my professional / marketing photography site about doing an event shoot during a 12% infection rate (R=1.5+) pandemic:

Went well.  Dicky lighting - people in the shade of the pavilion, bright sun on the grass outside.  I made sure the cameras were set to center weighted evaluative metering; I had my protegee Alec (oldest son) shooting the stills while I ran the livestream off the LG V60 5G, shot the static video and main audio on the 90D and got closeups and B-Roll on the T3i. 

They said they had a PA system.  I offered to get and set up a proper PA system.  They declined.  So I set the Sennheiser mic to low sensitivity, assuming they'd run the PA like I run PA.  No.  Just barely audible on the camera, 20 feet back from the 'mains'.  And they had the mics in front of the mains, so they had to keep it turned way down to prevent feedback.  Le Sigh. If'n we ever do this again, I'm not giving them an option to do  their own PA, I'm doing it.  Pair of dual 12 powered cabs on poles, in front of the wired mic. We had a lot of senior citizens sitting in the back of the pavilion or outside on the grass properly socially distancing, and I guarantee they couldn't hear anything being said.  Shoot your video, photos and sound for the lowest common denominator - the 80 year old with a hearing aid.  Those are the folks that this stuff matters to - the kids won't look at it until they are 80, the parents just want to share it to the grandparents who couldn't be there (who are 80), and the 80 year olds that risk their life to show up -- make sure they can see and hear the damn thing.  :-)

Anyway, rant off - it was a good time; check out a few of the photos: 

- Will England

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