Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday. COVID-19 Lockdown day 34.

Today. Now.  How have I been doing this week?

About the same as usual.  My give a s**t level is at its usual low ebb. Tireder than usual. Perhaps due to less exercise.  Haven't gotten out for a good walk in a couple of days.  It's been cold and rainy.  Today is nice out, but my motivation is missing.  My attitude comes and goes throughout the day.  Good mood, motivated for a while, apathetic for a while.  Fortunately, the lows aren't as low as pre-COVID; having an existential threat seems to have kicked the crippling depression to the curb.

How's the city and the environment?  Slowly settling into this new normal.  Stock levels at stores are coming up.  Grocery pickup times have gone from 5 days out to same-day if you get your order in early enough.  Police activity is still high, and still higher levels of idiocy.  Car theft and high-speed chase yesterday.  Multiple location shooting a mile West of here early last week.  Spring has sprung and the lawns are growing, people are out mowing every day, flowers blooming and trees budding.  Wildlife is coming out - we had a healthy well-fed fox come into the back yard this morning about 6:30AM.  Fortunately, we scared him off - RandomTheCat was outside under the deck doing his catly business.  Also, fortunately, I've been keeping the camera out and ready to grab for any interesting wildlife in the back yard.

Early Morning Fox in the back yard.

Otherwise, the routine continues.  Saturday grocery pickup at Hy-Vee.  A weekly grocery run for mom.  Order hard to find things (cat food, for some reason) off of Amazon.  Online meetings for work.  Online meetings for Scouts. The oldest son is stressed and depressed for a 6-page research paper that's due, along with a large scale 3D design project.  The design project is complete, now he just has to crack out a research paper in a couple of days.  Hours have been cut, again for the kids at the sandwich shop. The daughter is down to 2 hours a week.  She's going to be in a hard place when it comes time to pay for classes in the fall unless she picks up another job to put some income together.

So, all is nominal here. I need to get more exercise or ride a motorcycle or something.

With that, we'll close out this weeks head check and status update.

Your humble scribe,

Will England

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