Saturday, October 12, 2019

Montage of Cat Drinking Water in Slow Motion (Oct, 2019)

Not a journal.  A video edit this morning.

RandomTheCat drinking water in Slow Motion.  Shot on the Samsung Note 10+.  Finally figured out how to use the super-slow motion setting -- you have to film something already in action - a static scene.  Trying to time and capture something like a ball flying or a catch being made -- not going to happen.  There's not enough control over the start of the super-slow-mo effect in the camera. Idea - build an app that takes an external trigger; either by USB input or straight 'click the button' and it records at max frame rate, then decompiles to 30FPS.


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Will England said...

Hm. You can start the super slow motion video using the button on the S-Pen. Have to play with that tomorrow.