Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday. Today. Lockdown day 27.

I start these posts early in the day.
By the end of the day, I neglect to come back and publish them.
So, dates / days are all hosed up. C'est la vie.

Saturday Recap 

Picked up grocery order at the store.  They got most of it right.  I even got the specific tissues my mom wanted.
Did the unload, sanitize, put away routine.  Noticed my heart rate was hanging out about 100 the whole time.  Yes, I'm somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds overweight right now, but dang, 100bpm heart rate for carrying in groceries?  Ow.  Possibly a side effect of 35 days without much activity.

So, after lunch, I took SamTheDog out to visit mom and deliver her tissues.  He hasn't been out for a walk other than to the vet in a couple of years.  He quite enjoyed it.  Then walked to the post office to mail her bills, and got off track and wandered around the edge of Downtown Overland Park, checked out the work they're doing on the old Santa Fe Commons Park.  Just a bit too late to get a second lunch at The Snack Shack.  Ah well.  All told - walked about 2 miles. 6600 steps.

Decent ramble on a nice day.

Saturday evening I re-learned how to put text on a shape in Photoshop Elements; the wife was asking.  I think she's working on a logo for a live streaming service she wants to start.

Speaking of videos, I went through the WxExW archive and created two new playlists:
  • Environmental - Videos capturing the natural and ambient environmental images and sound, mostly here in Overland Park, and
  • How-To and Instructional - Videos that teach something.  Some cross-postings from the phone demo videos, along with karate (very old).  
A goal is to build more environmental videos to capture what the world in suburban KC is like in the 2020s; HowTo is more aspirational.  Those tend to take a lot more time, thought and effort.  But we'll see what comes to pass.

Today, Sunday, 19-April, Now. 

Up at 0500 AM; back is sore - not surprised from hauling around a 40-pound lump of fat over my belt for 2 miles yesterday - and the brain really wanted some coffee.
Today, I plan to walk down to the grocery for a specific vitamin mom is looking for and get the motorcycle out and head down to Costco to look for allergy meds, canned chicken and other small items they usually have.  Also, check the price on desktop computers; see what they are selling the Dell XPS Desktop PC for.

In other news, Heilung has a new video out for the song, Norupo.  Amazing visuals. Amplified history.  It's a sung version of the Norwegian Rune Poem. The Rune Poems were a recitation of the names and kennings (associations) of the runes.  The English translation

State of the County

Johnson County Kansas has a Tableau infographic based on their COVID-19 data breaking infections down by zip code,  hospital utilization, and ambulance dispatch.  As of today, we're still under capacity on hospitals and below average on ambulance dispatches.  We can assume fewer people driving, fewer accidents; fewer people stressed at work, fewer medical issues; fewer people at hazardous jobs, less work-related accidents. Social distancing and state lockdown seems to be having the desired effect of reducing the infection rate. 369 confirmed cases, 22 deaths from COVID-19 as of today, Sunday, April 19. 

Closing Bits for Sunday

Took a walk to Price Chopper - 2.1 miles by Google Maps, about 5,000 steps more or less.  I got a specific brand and type of vitamins for my mom, walked back a different route and saw some amazing Sycamore trees just starting to bud out.
Today's Walk

Sycamores over freshly mown lawns

Earlier in the morning (10:30 AM or so), I spotted this possum trotting across the neighbors back yard; I was able to get a good shot of him with the Sigma 18-300 lens.  Hopefully, he'll eat all the ticks that seem to like living back there. 
Possum in the 'back 40'

While I was outside photographing the possum, RandomTheCat idled out to see what I was doing; perhaps getting food ready for him?  No - but he did pose for a nice closeup photo:
The walk, and getting a couple of nice photos, were the highlight of the day.  Clear, cool weather. Nothing much else going on here.  Tomorrow - annual physical with the doctor, then remote work until I get the job done.

Until next time,
your humble scribe,

Will England

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