Friday, April 03, 2020

Day 10, COVID-19 Lockdown, USA, Kansas, JoCo

Good Morning!

Same today as it was yesterday. Up before the sun, logged into work.  Logged into Blogger.  T-Mobile completed the purchase of Sprint.  Sprint is no more, long live Sprint!  (Well, it'll be 18 months to three years to wind everything down on the Sprint brand, and we won't be re-badged until 2021, but...)

Today is Thursday. Today is April Two.  Today is day Ten.  Today I have Thirteen Thousand photos left to upload to Flickr.  A day of 'T's.  Alliteration is fun. Holding until I can get a sunrise photo.  Today I am still tired.  Need to move more.

Started raining here - tried to get a video (audio) of the thunder; it seemed like I set the camera up a minute too late.  I'll have to review the video to see if there's anything worth clipping out.  But the thunderstorm mostly fizzled out.  Currently a lot of chatter this morning, so putting on sound blocking 'cans isn't going to work.  Perhaps later . . .

On our cat - RandomTheCat - for years he was the cool cat.  Terrain.  Geography.  And he'd catch the odd bird in mid-flight with his jump.  He'd wander the neighborhood, coming back when he felt like it.  Did that for some 15 years.  He developed (we assume) feline diabetes last year and his kidneys are on the way out, blood sugars shot.  It's unfortunately affected his behavior as well; now he is just a regular cat, constantly fussing for food and underfoot.  Rarely does he go out, except to sit under the eaves and watch a rainstorm.  He's had a good run though, so we'll keep feeding him the premium wet food until his time comes.

Dinner tonight?  Hamburger Helper.  Haven't fixed that in about 9 months, and we have quite the stockpile to go through. Used to be a regular fixture here, so we always had 8 or 10 boxes on hand.

8,000 photos to upload to Flickr. Turns out it auto-detects albums created in Mac Photos, re-recreates the same albums on Flickr and sets them to public.  Will have to review that in the net few days.

(Published Friday AM - forgot to hit Publish last night)

- Will England

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