Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Day 9, COVID-19 Lockdown, USA, Kansas, JoCo

6 AM.  Dog wants out.  Normal continues.  Works out fine here.  Was flat worn out yesterday, went to bed early.  So I get up early. 1-April-2000.  Day Zero of the Sprint / T-Mobile merger.  Biggest regret?  I bought a super bright T-Mobile Magenta hat to wear to the office today. No go. Working from home. Too early for a sunrise photo, so here's a photo of that hat.

(25,000 photos to upload to Flickr still.)

For work, we concluded the Sprint era and began the New T-Mobile with an all-hands remote video presentation from our leadership.  We should have New T-Mobile leaders presenting to us later in the day.  With New T-Mobile comes new tools and logins.  Slack, WebEx, etc.  Things to figure out in the future.

Today, being the first of the month brings the monthly tornado siren test.  I got lucky and captured it on the Canon.  Enjoy this video of the song of our people - the Kansas Tornado Siren:
 That concludes my lunch break - back to work to see what more new and exciting changes we have!

Enjoyed making that video - camera was cattywampus as  I  didn't grab the tripod.  Learned how to rotate and zoom in Resolve.  May start shooting 4k just to have more room to cut down to a 1080p screen.

Another all-hands meeting.  I used the time to listen to it while I got my laundry folded and put away. That was my accomplishment of the day.  Oh - and finishing Star Trek: Insurrection.  Not sure if I'm tired from lack of exercise, depressed, or feeling the initial onslaught of allergies. 

Started low-intensity workout; rail pushups.  Tomorrow, need some essentials; going to find the 20-liter pack and (hopefully) walk to the local store to get the few things we need.  Get more movement in.  Increase good brain chemicals, push out the bad ones.  I need to check the work schedule though.

Tonight?  Signing off, from day 9 of the US / Kansas / Johnson County KS lockdown.

- Will England

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