Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 24, COVID-19 Lockdown

Here in flyover country, it's not particularly dramatic during the lockdown.  Not much to write about day to day, so going to a more occasional journal/blog post.  Yesterday was basically boring.

Oh yes, yesterday was Wednesday, April 15th.  Today is Thursday, April 16th.  Need to put that there so I remember. 

I worked, tested apps, completed technical specifications, presented to teams, etc.  In the evening I moved the cars around and took the pickup for a spin around the block to shake the rainwater out of the bed and warm it up a bit. 

Biggest accomplishment yesterday?  Tested out the three Bluetooth headphones for voice pickup quality, and made it into a video.  So - follows are the AKG Y50BT, Jabra 75 NC, and  AKG N60NC headphones as I read the same passage.  And I got to use my Phillips Color TV Test Card for a background.  Perhaps today I'll try several wired gaming headsets to compare the voice quality.

Today - gas station for the truck, it seems to be out of gas. And pharmacy for a prescription. And bring the trash cans in.  And possibly troubleshoot the static in the audio on the old TV.  If I can't get the static sorted out it may be time to retire the old beast - 1998 vintage Toshiba 32" glass tube TV.  The picture has been flickering slightly too.  Realistically I'd bet it is the cable box / DVR flaking out; they seem to die every 4 or 5 years.  (Nope - something on the internal amp on the TV is throwing static.  Does it even with every input unplugged so it's not a bad connection or wire on the outside.)

Starting to rain here - should have gone out in the morning for my errands.  Sigh. Oh well.  Call coming up in 20 minutes; going to go get some testing sorted out.

Got the errands done.  Still seems to be the normal amount of traffic out. I'm still touchy and easily frustrated. Getting some dinner and off to bed at the normal time.

Until the next episode,

Your Humble Scribe,

Will England

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