Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 19, COVID-19 Lockdown

Day 19.  COVID 19.  Saturday.  The weekend.  Ah, no getting up early.  Staying home all day.  Unlike the rest of the week, where we stayed home all day.  And it's currently 5:40 AM on Saturday.  I went to bed at 8PM last night, up early; shortly after the wife went to sleep. Get coffee.  Feed dog. Feed cat. Update blog.  Check-in with Mom and see what she needs for shopping today. Supposed to clear off and be sunny mid-day.

What am I feeling?  Bored. Rundown. But, let's get some coffee and see what is next.

(9am): Back up, getting another cup of coffee.  Made some homemade disinfectant spray - 1 tablespoon bleach to 8 ounces of water in an empty Tilex bottle.  Making in small quantities means you have to re-make it every day or so, which is good; at hospitals, the recommendation is to dump out the remaining sanitizer and remake it every day.  Don't think we need to go hospital-level clean, but having a spray for the touch surfaces is nice, and you can spray down a cleaning towel and wipe off handles, knobs, other things you don't want to directly spray bleach on.

Next up - a post office run to mail a bill and an eBay sale; been using this downtime to sort and clear out excess motorcycle gear and such. Post new stuff for sale each week, make a Saturday or Monday post office run to ship.

Done with groceries for Mom and post office to ship the motorcycle gear off. I've noticed I'm a bit more prone to anger - stress possible, not eating breakfast possible too. But I made it to all of my various stops without wadding up the Subaru or losing my cool.  Even got a photo of mom's cat:

You can't have a day (or a post) on the Internet without a photo of a cat, now can you?

Got my new 4K Ultrasharp monitor in and set up a workstation/office in the bedroom.  Well, tea tables for now.  But it's tested working on all the laptops, except the Mac.  I did find the cable for the mac (Thunderbolt 2 (Mini Display Port) to Display Port), which will also work with the Dell E7450 mini laptop too surprisingly.  And with the monster monitor and 6-core super laptop in the 'office', here I sit on my ancient Mac editing a video (environmental audio really) of the thunderstorm tonight.  Sigh.  I'll get smart one of these days.
For the video (processing now) I set the stereo separation to the max for best effect in headphones; boosted the bass below 80hz about 6db to give more of an impression of the impact of the thunder.  Unfortunately, one of the thunderclaps was so loud it set off the Subaru car alarm!  I had to run inside quickly to grab the key fob and shut off the alarm on the Subaru.  Edited out that awful noise. Now we wait for the Youtube upload to complete.

And the results:

No complaints here.  9:30, time to wind down, get some reading in and off to sleep.  Be well, faithful readers, and enjoy Easter Sunday!

Your humble scribe,
Will England

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