Thursday, April 09, 2020

Day 17, COVID-19 Lockdown

Thursday.  Thursday 9-April-2020.

Closed out yesterday with a headache.  I started today off with a migraine.  Hit the heavy-duty meds at 0400.  Mostly better now.  Coffee on board. Two tech specs to write today for review today. Grocery pickup this afternoon. Basically, a normal day, although the temp dropped through the floor; freeze warning tonight.  But the sun is out; obligatory morning photo:
COVID-19 reports are slowing; it's quite possible social separation is working to flatten the curve. 244 cases in Johnson County, KS as of yesterday; 10 deaths.  1046 cases state wide with 38 deaths. not good, but less damage than, say, motorcycle riding. 

Pause here while I get my morning obligations done.

Work all of a sudden got busy; had half of my open stories addressed by DEV all at once. So now I have testing to do tomorrow on old  tickets while working to develop new stories for upcoming projects.  Feast or famine!

Sunny but cool day. Had to make two runs to HyVee to get the grocery order. No complaints; got out of the house.  75% of what we ordered was in stock - good deal.  Stores are starting to return to nromal.

SamTheDog was enjoying the sun in the back yard this evening. We'll close today off with a happy photo of a happy dog.

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