Saturday, April 04, 2020

Day 12, COVID-19 Lockdown, USA, Kansas, JoCo

Saturday. Day 11 of the Johnson County stay at home order.  3 weeks since I've been to the office.  Or much of anywhere but the grocery and post office.  I got a delivery slot from HyVee this morning.  A full page of 'out of stock', so off to the local grocery for anything I can fill in.  CDC put out an advisory yesterday suggesting we wear masks at all times in public locations.  Granted, I was only in the car and had little human interaction, but I did want to try out the RZ Mask.
Fit under ray-ban style acrylic framed glasses is a bit dodgy.  Only of real importance if you are wearing bifocals, as it pushes the glasses up, moving your close focus area up. Yes, it's large enough to seal around the beard.

Cold - still at freezing - although supposed to warm up later.  Just another day hanging out. Perhaps I'll get some detail work done in the garage later. Or rake up the spiky balls and add them to the pit in the back yard.  For now? Lunch.

The sun has come out and it's time to enjoy some outdoor activity - or just sit on the deck and soak up some rays.
So, what did I do with the sunshine?  I raked spiky gumballs up and dumped them into the pit in the back yard.  Trash haulers are no longer picking up paper bags of compost due to the risk of contamination with COVID-19, so we have to compost our own stuff, or drive it to the dump on our own nickel.  Well, we still have a divot in the southeast corner of the yard from 2003, where the previous owner had a koi pond.  Good enough place for the spiky balls.  They don't degrade well, but they do hold air and water, so a decent base under the topsoil, once we get to that point.  I think once I rake the half-ton of sand from the winter weight in the truck and the spikey balls, we'll have a relatively level surface ready for 2 or 3 yards of topsoil, perennial plants, mulch, and a border.

Once that was done, I got the 'office' space in the bedroom (a 4' by 2' space beside the bed) detail vacuumed, and vacuumed the dog hair out of the corners of the hallway, bedroom, and vacuumed SamTheDog's bed. Got some movement in without breaking shelter in place rules.

Sunset was nice - please enjoy this cellphone photo of the sunset.
 Tonight we finally got word from youngest son what he wants for his birthday - besides socks.  (and I've gotten him all kids of cool socks, from wool to performance to basic cotton, all in his size.) He wanted a medium-duty fishing rod and reel.  Found the exact one on the Cabelas website, ordered it in.  If the lockdown is over before his birthday, we'll wrap it and give it to him then; otherwise, we'll take it down to the UPS store and have it boxed and shipped.

A good Saturday at home, getting things done.

Till tomorrow,

Your scribe,

Will England

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