Friday, April 03, 2020

Day 11, COVID-19 Lockdown, USA, Kansas, JoCo

Overcast and cold this morning.  The temperature took at 30-degree drop overnight and will continue to drop throughout the day.  Puts a crimp in my 'get outside and move' plans.  That, and the 6 hours of video conference meetings today.  Good day for a second cup of coffee.

No morning photo - we've all seen the backyard in the gray light of day. Nothing particularly inspirational there. The video of the thunderstorm yesterday missed all the thunder. Deleted, unused. Find something inside to shoot a 2-minute documentary on, just for fun.  Have to see if the Jabra BT headset will work for voiceover on Resolve; or use Audacity to record, then splice it in as a VO track on Resolve.   (*oh bother - now there's another thunderstorm. See if we can get anything from this one. Already raining so we have to point the camera out the open door*)

While we're letting the camera record, we made a voiceover test using the Jabra Evolve 75 headset. Take a listen:

Very sore yesterday - unsure why; joint aches, leg aches.  Most likely from the lack of activity, aging, and weather change.  Finally got to sleep around midnight.  Finished the second episode of Star Trek: Picard last night.  Rationing myself on one episode a day, since it will be a good while until the next season is out.  I do have two full seasons of Doctor Who to watch, so that's a bonus. And hundreds of books on the Kindle.  And if I skipped the sedentary activities and went straight to housework, I could get that movement in, get the place cleaned, organized, simplified and much more pleasant to be in.  Once the living room is cleared, perhaps a new big TV.  Once the bedroom / office is cleared, build a custom desk and get a 4K monitor for the laptops. Plans.  The small challenge is the donation collection sites are requesting no donations as they are on reduced staff and most of the stuff could be contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  Could put the stuff with some value up on eBay and move it along that way.  Plans.  Now?  Another coffee.

(later) Freezing rain most of the day.  Deck and deck chairs are dripping ice.  A photo or 5 for your enjoyment.

(1,500 photos remaining to back up to Flickr.)
(and done!)
After work, while Flickr was uploading, I cleared the side of the bedroom.  I found a couple of pieces to sell on eBay and a small bag of trash.  I also identified that I can fit a 48" by 16" 'desk' in that spot to place laptops, monitors, keyboards, etc upon. May get around to that this weekend, but not likely - bitterly cold out (again), which will put a crimp in doing any outdoor work (sawing, gluing, screwing and so forth).

Off to eBay to sell things I cannot use and others may have use for.

Impressive what you can get done when you've been stuck at home the past 10 days.

Tomorrow I go for a grocery pickup (touch-free) - we'll see what they have in stock.  Scheduled it early so hopefully, I will get good pickings from the overnight delivery.

Until tomorrow - I'll publish this and have a good night!

- Will England

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