Saturday, October 05, 2019

Today, October 5, 2019

Dot Blogging again. Seems to work.  Even started it in my bound book.

Today -  I am resting.
Today - It is cool and brisk out. 
Today - It may rain.
Today - I will get food from the store, personally.
Today - I will make healthy food for lunches at work.
Today - I will give my mom some of the healthy food so she has good food to eat.
Today - I will cook meet in preparation of future meals.
Today - I let Robyn drive the Honda to work on her own.
Today - I helped Amber pick out a computer
Today - I will hopefully have Robyn drive to and from school, by two different routes, and fill up the gas tank, so she may use the Honda to go to school and work.
Today - I will eat healthier. 
Today - My bread has been provided for.
Today - I will be kind
Today - I will be grateful and gracious.
Today will be enough.
I will be Today.

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