Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grade from final paper


The teacher apparantly liked it. His comments:

Outstanding job! The only thing I want to see is your org chat. I guess I did not have the correct program to view it so if possible send it to me. Just remember to put it in a format/program that most readers may have on their computers or add a link to download the program. Overall, I was very intrigued with your paper! I enjoyed reading it and was amazed on some of the culture differences that a company of this size must overcome to conduct business! Well done!

My only comment to him was that I asked him three times if I could submit it as a PDF file (which is viewable on all computers from Windows to Mac to Linux to FreeBSD) instead of a proprietary MS Word format. He said no. So, instead of using the righteous typesetting program LaTeX, I had to try to keep MS Word under control for 23 pages. And hand-format all my sources. Sheesh.

Anyway, class grade so far: 71.70/70(102.43%)

Still to come this week: One more discussion post, a quiz and the final.
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