Saturday, May 27, 2023

What makes good motorcycle gear?


What makes good gear?

Helmet - Full face, FITS your head, DOT certified. Snell is good too, but those are more expensive. Not optional.

83MPH into the pavement. Walked away.

Jacket - thicker cordura (1050 on the impact points), or leather (fold it in half on the sleeve - is it at least 2mm / 3/16th of an inch thick folded?) ECE certified armor in the elbows, shoulders, FITS and is comfortable. Not optional.

Gloves - solid leather that FIT and have retention - even just the pull string on work gloves is better than elastic. Not optional.

Over the ankle leather boots or solid leather high-tops, tied securely. Not pull on cowboy or engineer boots. Impact armor on the ankle bone if you get moto specific boots.

Pants - Jeans do work, but plan on eventually getting cordura or leather riding pants. Again, thicker is better, as long as it's comfortable, FITS and has ECE armor on the impact points.

Full cordura amored gear.  83MPH into the pavement. Walked away.


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