Saturday, January 09, 2021

Roll Call! Share your blog in the comments.

 Corporate Social Media is getting weird.  Communication and connection is still critical - even more so in this socially distanced locked down age.  Blogs started  the 'social media' thing before there was a Facebook or Youtube.  But for communication and connection to happen, folks have to share with others - so I'm encouraging you to share your blog in the comments; some I'll add to my blog roll over there on the right; others, I'll add to my Feedly RSS reader (

The idea is to stay connected through distributed websites, not all under a central corporate control.  Yeah, this blog is hosted by Google, I know. Back in the way back days it was the only system that could process Sprint Picture Mail correctly and allow me to make mobile blog posts.  They were Mobile First before Mobile was even a thought in most platforms mind. 

Looking forward to the responses!



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