Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snowy Photo Essay

Cold, Icy, Snowy day today - and I have a new camera phone, so a few photos and a brief story.

The roads were iced and slushed and dirty with sand, but drivable.

Ice, slush and snow everywhere. But the heat and the peace of it all was relaxing for Alec and I:

We went for a drive so Alec could find himself a new videogame with his gift-card from Christmas. Only a ten minute drive, but soon the warm and peace took its' toll:

So, we travelled westward to see what we could see. Gray, white, brown. The park was closed, the sky looming. Nothing to see here. We moved on to the video game store. Bright lights, lots of people stocking up on entertainment before the next blast of winter. After some looking, we found the game we wanted, and headed back home.

Alec was happy to be home, and settled in for a good night blasting computerized Legos into their component parts.

I settled in for an evening cheering Alec on in his virtual endavours while reading my book beside a warm and cheery fire.

The fire has gone to coals, the boy has gone to dreams. And I have pages to go in my new book.

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