Monday, October 16, 2006

Four Days in 30 Seconds

Nathan has set up a web cam for pointed at 9th and Main streets in Winfield. He takes an image about every 15 minutes and has combined them into a quicktime timelapse movie.

It's really amazing, watching the traffic and shadows and daylight move across in such a short time.

Check out the video!

(Quicktime, opens in new window, about 10 MB)

More neato-wizardry: Overland Park has put the feeds from their traffic cameras online. You can view it on a map with neat mouse-over images from around town, or as a list - you can also view live video from some of the intersections. 119th and Glenwood is the Sprint Campus entrance / exit.

Kansas City DOT has the "KCScout" traffic cameras on all the busy highways around the area. Note that most of em are the ones by my house. Sigh. Anyway, check the 'camera' box on the left of that page to see the camera locations.

Fun with public surveilance!

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