Friday, March 13, 2020

Spend that Cash Now - COVID-19 Economy Fix.

Just spent an hour listening to the radio on how all these cancelled events are going to put a hurtin on small and medium local businesses.  All the public newscasters were wringing their radio hands about how the government needs to do something about it. It's not up to the 'gubberment'.  It's you and me. Us middle aged, middle class, basically healthy folks.

Any of us who *can* spend money please go out and spend money. Please tip heavily to those who *have* to be at work. Make a point to go out to your locally independent owned shops. Buy something extra. Tip the wait staff 40%. Too many people are cancelling events, travel and hiding in their holes. If you're 20 to 50 years old, salaried and in good health, get your rich ass out there and spend. That $10 tip on your $5 latte means the world to your barista.

While I'm out shooting photos of empty shelves this morning I'm going to Homer's Coffee House and getting a coffee. Then I'll go across the street and get breakfast at The Snack Shack on Santa Fe. And tip like a gangster. Cause we're all in this community together. Money in a savings account isn't going to keep that college kid or mother of two going. But if you spend your money, salaryman, they'll spend it again and again. 

And TIP CASH, not credit. It goes directly to the staff that day usually.

Shit - give $20 to that homeless dude at the top of the off ramp. He'll definitely spend it locally.

Oh - and wash hands!

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