Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day1, Day2 of the COVID-19 KC Metro Lockdown

There is so little going on right now I'm combining Day 1 and Day 2 in one post.

Day 1

Online training all day from work - Adobe Launch.  It's a tool to help set up the rest of your Adobe Experience Cloud bits to measure and monitor your website or handset applications.  Yes, it was that exciting.  On a normal day, I would have stayed home to complete the training.  On a quarantine day, I stayed home to complete the training.  Couple of calls to swap between training and actual work. Our team isn't used to using forums (Teams) for communication, so I had to revert to email to get answers, and even those weren't forthcoming without someone wanting to have a meeting to discuss. So we'll have a meeting later in the week.

I delivered critical supplies to my mom down the street.  (cat food - sold out at the local stores). I took a photo of her very relaxed and happy cat.  Please enjoy this ObCatPhoto.
Received a case of Tilex with Bleach from a Janitorial Supply company.  Also sold out in local stores. And Amazon. And So the only option was to order a full case of 12 to get any.  Decent disinfectant and cleaner. 

Breakfast - cereal. Dinner - uh? I watched part of a movie on TCM about the Navy in China in 1918.  The oldest son had to go into work at the sandwich shop (essential services, dontcha know?) for the evening.  They have one person in the shop (now considered the manager) and one driver for delivery.  No in-store customers allowed.

Day 2

Online training all day from work - Adobe Reports with Report Builder in Excel. (seriously thrill a minute here). Breakfast - fancy steel-cut oatmeal, small packet. Weather is warming but pushing a ton of fog up this morning.
We're supposed to write about our five senses, rather than a list of days activity.  Ok - it's quiet.  Everyone but me stays up super late and gets up super late - about in time for my afternoon nap.  The oldest daughter was up early this morning to do her college class on Zoom video conferencing, rather surprised me to see her before the afternoon!  It's comfortably cool outside and warm inside.  Grateful for central heat. With all the cleaning, it smells vaguely chlorinated inside. Been wiping the touch surfaces down with Tilex with Bleach.  Sense of taste is fine; having Almond Chicken for lunch. Thank you for frozen meals. And thank you (me) for bulk buying stuff on general-purpose.

Whats the feelings inside?  I'm pretty pleased.  I love working from home.  I love not having to be face to face with my coworkers.  Anxiety, introversion, just an anti-social bugger, you call it what you want, but limiting interaction to instant message, Teams forums, and email is the way to go.  Been checking in on my mom once or twice a day by text.  She's 79 and doing fine. We'll have to do a grocery run for her Thursday or Friday I'd imagine.  I'm the only one going in her house to limit any possible exposure since the wife and kids have a heck of a lot more social contact in their jobs - or did anyway before they were furloughed (mostly) for the quarantine.

Taking my vitamins and drinking Echinacea and valerian tea.  Maybe it'll help.  I like the taste anyway, so there's that.  Have to add that on the store list; down to the last box.

I spent my lunch break surfing through janitorial cleaning supplies. One way to get what you need, even if it is in case form.

I completed training, got my certificate and took a nap. Now off to welcome the new members to the MSTA Facebook group. Oh - and got the trash out too.  Feeling numb.  Same actions. Different day. Lockdown or no - each day is a mirror of the previous. Only the numbers change. So, here's a photo of a cat to close out the first two days of the COVID-19 lockdown blog post.

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