Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everyone does everything right, and it actually made the news!

Public safety news in brief | Youngster brings nonfunctioning gun aboard school bus - Kansas City Star:
"An 8-year-old boy showed friends a gun on the school bus. They told the principal.

Not your typical show-and-tell, but it happened Friday morning.

The boy’s family apparently found the gun in his grandfather’s house after his grandfather died.

After the bus arrived at the Longan French Magnet School near 34th and Cherry streets, the principal took the gun, which was missing its firing pin, and called security. A police officer interviewed the boy and his mother after school.

Since the gun didn’t work and the boy had not threatened anyone, police returned the gun to the mother. School officials said they were handling the matter under code of conduct guidelines."

No lockdown - no SWAT teams called - no automatic weapons pointed at the kids, no command posts set up. The kid screwed up, check. The other kids told an adult, check. The adult took the right measures. And most surprising, it made the news - granted a mini-blurb back on page A-22...

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