Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guard invites public to see rockets fired at Fort Riley | 08/27/2008 | Guard invites public to see rockets fired at Fort Riley:

"A Kansas National Guard unit is inviting the public to come watch a live fire exercise at Fort Riley next month.

The 2nd Battalion, 130th Field Artillery will fire its multiple launch rocket system during an exercise on Sept. 13. The rocket system is capable of firing rockets to support ground units, return fire when attacked or attack targets for larger units, such as a division.

The system can fire 12 rockets in 60 seconds, aimed at up to six different targets. It has a range of about 20 miles to more than 180 miles. Spokeswoman Sharon Watson said the exercise is part of the battalion's regular training schedule and that there are no pending deployment orders. Currently, there are about 500 Kansas National Guard soldiers deployed.

In 2003, the unit deployed to Iraq for 12 months. It traces its history to the 1st Kansas Artillery, formed in 1868. Soldiers from the battalion have served in every war since the Civil War, including awards for service in campaigns in Muese-Argonne, Alsace, Lorraine, the Aleutian Islands and the European Theater.

The battalion has armories in Hiawatha, Sabetha, Marysville, Concordia, Horton, Atchison, Salina and Abilene.

The exercise is scheduled to begin around 12:30 p.m. Shuttle buses will move the public to a viewing area."

Sweet - and that's a Saturday. Guess I'll have to call up to the Fort to check the arrival times, etc.
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