Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ontheroad Montana

Ontheroad Montana
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Sigh. I am in the hospital and the bike is wadded. Why? I hit a puddle and hydroplaned. Rather fun while it was happening but now I am bored. Details? OK. Saturday about 70 miles North of Miles City Montana I crashed. ER, CATscan and admission. Two broken pinkies, one cracked rib, light scratches on the left arm, and some good bruising to my left ribs.

Being kept for observation for a few days to be sure my guts don't fall out or something...

No complaints really!

Thanks to Jeff for getting all my crap gathered up and so on...

Thanks to Aerostich for saving my hide.

Thanks to Shoei for saving my Head.

Oh - "Hi Jim!!" this is as close to canada as i'll make it so I figured I should give you that shoutout now.
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