Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting Awards

Been with Pack 3094 for near on 10 years - finally got the paperwork turned in for the Cubmasters Key knot - 2 years service as a Cubmaster and 1 year as Assistant Cubmaster.  It was presented last night at our Pack meeting by our incoming Cubmaster, Allan.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

April 2000 flooding at Fox Lake, KS

Flooding at Fox lake, April 2000. Recovered from my UNIX box, transcoded from MPEG-1 VCD format. Shot on Hi-8, edited on a Pentium 200 with Pinnacle video software.

2015 Robyn Spring Choir Concert

Shawnee Mission West Choir - Spring Concert. Forgot to edit and upload this one; finally had time to get it posted to the internet!

Thanksgiving at the England House - 2016 Version

A full family Thanksgiving - And thanks to the modern self timer, we all got in the pre-dinner photo!  Good food, good family, good times. Even the table joined in the celebration - it got cleaned off for it's annual scrubdown and polishing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Alec Riding a Bike - October 2005

Found an old short 15fps video from a Palm Centro (?) of Alec riding his first bike.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Ceremonial Umbrella

Tonight we visited with the London delegation from Westminster, including the Lord Mayor of Westminster.  The Shawnee Mission West Marching Band was invited for the 9th time to play in the London New Years Day Parade - on New Years Day, 2018.  Being London, and winter, of course it's going to rain.

So the Lord Mayor of Westminster presented Alec with a ceremonial umbrella - because of course if you bring your umbrella, it won't rain!

Video courtesy Todd Atkins:

And photos:

Blogger Video Upload Test


Directly uploaded this video to Blogger vs the usual Youtube.

Our Animals

Reblogging Robyn's post about the cat and dog:

MY cat and Dog



Saturday, November 12, 2016

A nice shot of Scoutmaster Monty

Just something about the western feel of this image of Troop 387 Scoutmaster Monty appealed to me.  I cropped it a touch and applied an 'Instant' filter to it for the vintage look.  Out at Gobblepalooza November campout, 2016.

Shot with Canon Rebel T3i, Tamron 28-270 lens at 220mm, F7.1, 1/400 sec.  
Photo courtesy W&N Photograpy, under CC-BY attribution.  
Original photographer Will England

Gobblepalooza 2016

Fire. Food. Friends.


Friday, November 11, 2016

Alec playing Saxophone at Hy-Vee for Veterans Day

Alec was invited with the Shawnee Mission West Band to play at a Hy-Vee for their Veterans Day Breakfast.  One of the coolest, and yet oddest, concerts I've been to.  The whole band clustered around the Deli counter while the veterans had tables to sit at with a (great) free breakfast.  Alec rocked out!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Philmont - Baldy Peak 360 Degree View

Got out to Philmont in 2016 and summited Baldy. A quick shot from the top!

Glow Marching Band Concert, October 21, 2016

Senior Marching Band glowstick event for Shawnee Mission West from 21-October 2016!

First Audiocast in 10 years

Then there was sound . . . . 10 years ago I was podcasting using a variety of tools that have all gone the way of the bitbucket.  So now it's a Google Sites host for the files and Audacity for the recording.

Just a basic test to see if this is all working!