Friday, July 24, 2020

In The Moment - Photography

Often your best photographs come 'in the moment' - tonight, SamTheDog was in the moment and noticed a doe and two fawns walking the back 40. I let him out, distracted and unaware of the deer. Once he took off down the steps, I looked for what he was chasing - deer! I fortunately keep the camera with long zoom on the table beside the back door just for such situations, and was able to capture the doe:

Doe in Suburban Back Yard

Later, after I let SamTheDog back in, I was closing down for the evening, pulling the curtains shut, and what do I see? The fawns and doe in the yard directly behind ours. Again - being aware of what's around you allows you to capture the most interesting images.

Yearling Fawns In Suburban Back Yard

So there you have it - amazing photos of the wonder of nature in the center of the suburbs.

Will England, Lensman

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