Saturday, July 04, 2020

COVID-19 Update, day 113

The latest news on COVID-19 infections from a friendly obsessed recreational statistician:
We had record New Cases from Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina yesterday.  Florida pushed New Jersey down into 5th overall. {Hurst, 2020)


Things have developed to the point that nothing less than a full shelter-in-place order will be sufficient.  The infection is so widespread, if people are out, the virus will be transmitted even if most people are careful. The fraction with poor compliance will ensure the virus is pretty much everywhere.  Close everything possible.  No schools.  No churches.  No sports.  About the only thing that should be open are groceries, Walmart/Costco, and hospitals.  And there are at least nine more states in the same situation right now, or will be in a week's time. (ibid)

Johnson County, KS Tested Cases:

These are Community cases - out in the public, not in long term care facilities. People who were out at the bar, grocery, or concert with you last night.  And yes, that line hit 100. All Time Record in Johnson County too.

My Take? Stay Home.  Wear Mask. Wash Hands. It's going to be a long, deadly summer. Avoid the news, avoid social media.  Read a good book.  Watch the birds.  Make things - photographs, crochet. Clean house.

Stay Safe!
- Will England

Hurst, Scott, email correspondence, "End of Statistical Day, 7/3".  July 4, 2020

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