Saturday, November 16, 2019

How to navigate Blogger using the URL bar

Some - many actually - blogs don't have a date picker on their sidebar.  Annoying if you want to jump back to their first post and read in chronological order.  So, how to get around that?  Use the URL bar.  From the first page of the blog, scroll down, click the 'Older Posts'.

Now, you have a URL like 
in the URL bar.

Now, simply edit the 'max' value - it's a year, month, day value.  You can simply change the year:

Eventually you'll hit a year that has no posts - you'll see a message like:
Go back one year.  Then you can go by month:

Change the 09 to 08, the 07 and so on.  Or, if your that close to the beginning you can just click 'older posts' until you reach the beginning.  With enough edits or clicks, you'll find the start:

Hope this helps you in your blog reading!

Will England

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