Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Microphones for Podcasts

Well, now that I've got this site and RSS feed set up to podcast (tested on Podcast Addict on Android anyway) I should do some looking for a microphone.

1) The way I have the audio file storage set up on a Google Site essentially requires a desktop / laptop computer.  It's terribly difficult to upload and copy the URL from a phone on a Google Site.  Need to look into improvements in that.

2) Blogger does not have a button to add audio; you have to edit the HTML and put in the HTML 5 < audio > tag by hand, pasting in the URL from (1).

3) the Voice recorder on the Note 9 is pretty low end

4) I like punching up the sound in Audacity, which requires a PC or Mac.

Thus, 5), I need a basic USB mic to record the podcasts.

Some references I'm reading:

The Verge 2019 Mic Rundown

DiscoverPods Cheap Podcast Microphones

MicReview 2019 Podcast Microphones

And ThePodCastHost microphone list.

I have  Tascam, Marantz, and Sennheiser stereo mics; not sure if they'll play nice with the inputs on the computer.  Could get an outboard USB mixer to route one of those mics through, and add other sound as well, but I bet that'd cost more than a basic microphone.  What will I pick?  Great question - some research and comparisons to come!

- Will England - Audio Geek

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