Thursday, January 10, 2019

Buttons and turning on the AKG Y50BT

THe AKG Y50BT Bluetooth headphones are very nice cans with great sound and a fantastic battery
AKG Y50BT Headphones
life.  However, they are sorely lacking in documentation - so here is my take on the 'fine manual' about operating all the buttons, pairing and more.

On the Left earpiece is a MicroUSB B port to charge the phones.That's it.

On the Right earpiece are all the buttons. Starting from the top:

  • Button labeled '+' - increase volume 
  • Black button with a dot - One press for pause, / play two presses for track forward, three presses for track backward.  And they mean *quick* taps.
  • 3.5mm hole - to plug in the headphones for a non-bluetooth experience.
  • Black unlabeled button - power on, power off, pair.
    • To power on the headphones rapidly tap one time the unlabeled button.
      • Fast flashing blue light indicates it's on, and unpaired
      • Slow flashing blue light indicates it's on and paired.
      • Slow flashing red light indicates  low battery.
  • Black button looking thing - not a button but the microphone!
Hope this helps someone else out -- remember, *quick* tap on the button to turn it on / off.

-- Will England


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