Monday, August 20, 2018

Earning Boy Scout Merit Badges with Schoolwork

Every scout goes to school - and literally dozens of merit badges are taught there every day.  Here's a fairly comprehensive list of merit badges you could complete or partially complete from your regular class work in 7th through 12th grade:

Personal Fitness - Gym class;
Sports - if you're in two team sports;
Art - 2D art, painting etc;
American Business - typically 7th or 8th grade Social Studies;
American Heritage - US History;
Animation - Some High Schools have Art Animation courses;
Chemistry - Chemistry;
Communication - Speech, Debate class;
Drafting - CAD class;
Electronics - Robotics class / club;
Entrepreneurship - Various business classes;
Geology - Earth Science class;
Graphic Arts- Art class;
Insect Study - Biology class;
Inventing - Business class AND robotics club;
Journalism - Journalism class;
Law - Various Social Studies classes;
Metalwork - Metal shop class
Moviemaking - Videography / Journalism class;
Music - Choir, Band;
Nature - Biology, Earth Science;
Painting - Art - Painting class;
Photography - Photography, Journalism classes;
Personal Management - use your lunch account as your budget;
Plant Science - Biology class;
Pottery - Art Ceramics class;
Public Speaking - Debate, Speech class, Student Congress, StuCo membership, Boys State participation;
Robotics - Robotics class or club;
Sculpture - Art Sculpture class;
Soil and Water Conservation - Earth Science;
Theater - Drama class or club;
Welding - Metal Shop class;
Woodwork - Wood shop class

Scouting Magazine gives a few more tips on using your school course work toward merit badges in their August 20 blog post.

I hope this helps give you and your scout some ideas to rock out those merit badges!

 - Will England

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