Monday, February 26, 2018

How I Packed for Philmont

Hey all - getting ready to send my wife and middle son off to Philmont, so I thought I'd give an idea of how I packed my pack for Philmont.

I used a Deuter 65+10 backpack; not the best choice for heavy loads, but cheap and light.

In the backpack I had 5 dry bags (sea to summit)

  • Clean clothes. About 8-10 liters.  Can also be used to wash clothes in
    • 3 pair wool socks
    • 3 moisture wicking t-shirts
    • 3 pair Underamour mesh compression underwear
    • 1 pair spare shorts
  • 'Stank Bag' - dirty clothes that cannot be reworn.  This goes up in the bear bag at night.
  • First Aid - red bag at the top of the pack
  • Jetboil stove for morning coffee
  • 8" plastic platter, TI long handled spoon and 8oz plastic cup for coffee.
  • Personal care bag - toothpaste, toothbrush, body wipes, diaper pins, Starbucks via packs, etc.  This goes up the bear bag at night.
  • Night bag - very small, one cotton t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts to sleep in.
I carried 5 liters of water plus 2 spare collapsible 1-liter bottles for heading into dry camps.  Two nalgenes on the side pockets of the bag, plus an Osprey 3 liter bladder in the pack.

I put my North Face Dri-Down 16 degree sleeping bag (a bit overkill) plus Klymit air mattress and Thermarest inflator in the bottom compartment of the bag in my day pack (JanSport, 8oz).

Under the sleeping bag I put one pair Keens shoes for water crossings and camp shoes.

On the outside of the pack I wrapped my REI clone of a Helinox camp chair in my hardshell fleece. 
On the outside of the pack I carabinered the Frog Toggs $20 rain suit.
In the left hip-belt pocket I carried my leatherman Wave multi-tool.
In the right hip-belt pocket I carried my Canon waterproof camera.

On me was one pair Cabelas zip off pants; one pair Costco wool socks,  one pair Underarmour, one moisture wicking t-shirt, one PFG long sleeve shirt from Columbia for sun protection, one pair fingerless gloves, and one Tru-Spec cotton boonie hat, one pair Lowa Renegade GTX mid height boots.

All clothing was treated with a soak in 5% Permethrin bug treatment before leaving.

Just a touch heavier than needed but very effective. 

In the 'brain' or top of the pack were all three Philmont section maps, a spare compass, lighter with duck tape wrapped around it, pack cover and a journal and pencil, along with my headlamp.

In my chest pockets were second breakfast, 'elevensises', tea, high tea, and snacks.  I ate constantly.  Left cargo was spare snacks.  Right cargo was cell phone. 

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