Wednesday, December 13, 2017

LG V30+ Audio and Video Recording: Steep Learning Curve - Sprint Product Ambassadors

I continue to find new tools, tips and ways to use the LG V30+ for audio and video recording.  It can record FLAC lossless compression files in full stereo at 24bit, 96khz; it can record 4K video with high def audio.  While I was learning last week I shot a few clips of the band at church - watch and listen for more!

I encourage you to put on headphones and listen to the full sound - this was in 'stealth mode' recording from my pew.  I was working in Cine mode - ignore the poor focus - and still learning.  Tips:  Pre-focus on your subject before doing the cine zoom effect.  

Another shot I took was last night from the back of the auditourium.  I set the camera to full manual mode and hosed up the white balance - got the backdrop perfect, but left the band members in black and white!  Nevertheless, remember, this is in the far back of the auditoruium, using only the stereo mics on the camera.  Post processing did include padding down the audio 2db for the music and boosting the spoken introduction by about 5db.

So, as you can see there is a *lot* of options and a lot to learn on the V30+.  It's a technophiles dream for audio and video recording.  Brilliant camera, no overheating, no timelimits that I found - I recorded over 9 gig of video last night (less than 10% of the space on the phone) in segments up to 15 minutes long and never had the phone hiccup.  

Once I learn more about how to use the manual controls this is going to be a brilliant 4K HD Cam!
-  Will England

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