Wednesday, November 02, 2016

LG X power SD Card Support

The LG X power is one of the nicer phones to include SD Card support!  You can add up to 256 GB of online storage for your music, movies and more.  But in inspecting the phone, there’s not a slot visible to put in your SD card!  What now?

Simple – LG has combined the SIM card tray and the SD Card slot together.  You’ll need the SIM Card removal tool from the box (the thin pin on a loop) or a fine safety pin.  On he left lower side you will find a tiny hole – gently push the SIM removal tool into the hole and the card tray will come out.  Beware – the SIM card will try to fall out.  Do not do this outside or on a windy day!

Above the SIM card slot is the SD card slot; just gently place the SD card in the tray, metal contacts facing down, and reinsert the SIM card tray.  This works best if the phone is powered off first.  You can follow this Sprint Tutorial for visual guidance on putting in your SD card into the LG X power.

You’ll be able to store your personal music and video library on the SD card without any problems.  Some apps may be able to be moved the the SD card, but they may not behave as expected.

Enjoy your new memory space on your LG X power – you certainly have the battery life to watch a few movies or listen to music for a long while!

Will England
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