Monday, September 16, 2013

Buff and Polish

New owners over to the Far East, and so I've been going through what I should do to ensure I 'best contribute to shareholder value' - in other words, how do I keep my job?

Figure a couple things will help:

  • Show up more often.  We get a lot of location freedom to work from anywhere.  But oldschool face to face never hurts people to remember what you do and why you are there.
  • Clean up a bit.  Get the hair cut monthly.  Hit the thrift store for some wool blend stuff and cash in the gift cards for a couple more button down shirts.
  • Self promote.  I've started an internal public blog about tools, technologies and stuff inside the company; I'll copy-post those out here too.  May help build internal and external reputation as someone with a clue.
  • And of course, the basics - deliver results, drive operational efficiency, act with integrity, the whole 'Seven Imperatives' thing.
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