Monday, November 07, 2011

Using AddThis Endpoints for Email Campaign Sharing

AddThis - Help - AddThis Sharing Endpoints

We're looking at adding sharing of purchases from our order confirmation emails.

Our email confirmation isn't like your typical newsletter, where you can copy the static contents of the newsletter to a webpage, then point everyone to that static page. Each email order confirmation is different, with different products in the order. We want to help our customers share the new phone, tablet or broadband card they just bought with their social networks.

AddThis normally uses Javascript to generate the HTML code; we can't promise that every one of our customers has a JavaScript enabled email client. Our workaround? Use AddThis Endpoints. What the heck are those? AddThis offers direct access to their sharing widgets via custom coded URLs. You can set up a 'share on Facebook' link or a 'tweet about your new phone' link using just the AddThis URLs. No Javascript needed, no fancy coding. Just pull in the device landing page URL and shoot it into the AddThis endpoint as a text or basic image link! rocks.
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