Tuesday, March 24, 2009

True Colors

British government environmental ministers are showing their true colors, aping the Earth First line that people are a parasite on the planet, and the population must be reduced. (link to google search; work firewall won't let me view their site)

How much? 30,000,000 people in Britain alone - about 50% of the population. Assuming you extrapolate that out, that's around 3,000,000,000 'excess population' that needs to be removed to match the planets carrying capacity.

Stalin would be proud.

Oh - sorry - we can't "treat the world’s population as a homogenous unit, as deep ecologists so often do." Only the industrially developed nations need to be de-populated, in order to match the carrying capacity of the planet.

Any volunteers for depopulation?

OK, this really isn't news, it's been bandied about by Malthusian and growth sides, as well as the NWO tinfoil hat crowd for years. The interesting bit is that it's an official government position statement, rather than tweedy academics or gun-toting art-bell-listening tweakers bringing it up.
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